Chris Heward

Speaker, 2004

Chris Heward is a Senior Research Fellow for Program on Medicine, Technology, and Society at UCLA, Los Angeles, California and the President of Kronos Science Laboratories, Inc., the clinical reference and R & D laboratory for Kronos-The Optimal Health Company. At Kronos, Dr. Heward’s primary responsibility is to provide leadership to the scientific and technical teams within Kronos' Corporate, Practice Management, Laboratory and Pharmaceutical divisions. His primary area of scientific interest is molecular endocrinology—the study of hormone action at the molecular level. His research involves understanding the structure-activity relationships of hormones and their receptors. More recently, as president of Kronos Science Laboratory, Dr. Heward directs basic research on the fundamental mechanisms of aging and applied research on the prevention of age-related diseases. In his speech, Chris will talk about the market for anti-aging therapies. He will separate hype from reality and discuss what science really has to offer in the way of proven technologies to stave off aging and its consequences.