Preview Promotion Report

The Preview promotion report compares versions of programs from a source, or originating account to a target account. This report specifically addresses questions of what to promote from a development project to quality assurance and what to promote from quality assurance to production.

This report offers the following:

  • Columnar report comparing versions across two projects
  • Options include
    • Only New
    • Items In Edit
    • Only Upgrades
    • Only Matches
    • Only Conflicts
    • Include EVERYTHING
    • Output can be to Print, Display or Scroll window
    • On selected platforms, can make comparisons between systems (different computers)

Of special interest, is the fact that in a comparison of source and destination, the promotion list can be targeted to:

  • Default Rellist
  • Transfer/Intermediate Rellist
  • Authorized items in Promotion Control
  • Authorized Transfer list in Promotion Control (short list)

Image of the initiation screen for the Preview promotion report
(Character mode)

Comparisons between systems is currently only configured for D3 linked systems .
Parties interested in deploying this report across systems on UniVerse, UniData, QM and Reality X, are urged to contact Binary Star technical services.

Image of typical output from this report:

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