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Welcome to NuWiki!

About NuWiki

Our specialty is providing turn-key, ultra-secure Wikis with your choice of Public or Private access.

Unlike most Wiki packages, we have zero problems with drive-by graffiti or vandalism by virtue of our multi-tiered security system.

We offer hosted or private solutions for your Wiki needs. We can host your Wiki and provide all your administrative coverage, or you can host your own NuWiki behind your company firewall, all for very competitive costs.

We'll even include the first month free!

NuWiki, from Binary Star is the first wiki built exclusively for MultiValue Databases. So it not only enjoys all the advantages and platform options of MultiValue, it also scales effortlessly to support thousands of concurrent users.

While we built it primarily to offer modern documentation for Nucleus, it has grown to include community content with our encouragement.

Please feel free to contribute information or comments on any topic you see, whether it is a minor correction or sharing unique knowledge you possess.

Unlike Wikipedia, NuWiki does not allow anonymous contributions. You will need to fill out our free, simple and non- intrusive registration form to get your account activated. Once your email is confirmed, you will be able to contribute content.

Thanks very much for visiting NuWiki. Please tell your friends about us!